Model Portfolio Requirements

All models' portfolios contain images that fall into three categories: Face, Figure, and Fashion.

The face shot, also called beauty shot or headshot, should exclusively feature the face. The importance of expression, make-up, lighting and angle is magnified in this shot. It is often featured on the front of a composite card.

The figure shot can be many things other than a swimsuit shot, but is vital in a portfolio or comp card to show a model's figure. Athletic/aerobic wear, close-fitting dresses, or undergarments are other types of wardrobe to feature the figure. Obviously, each model will have their own limit as to how much they are comfortable revealing in a figure shot. The importance of a figure shot is giving information about how a model will fill clothing, but it is also an opportunity for a model to draw more attention and possibly influence casting.

The fashion shot is harder to define. Generally it is a mid- to full-length shot that demonstrates a mood, character, or style brought to life by the model. The boundaries are vast, and it is another opportunity for a model to capture more attention and place their image into the imagination of a client.

Just what should be in my model portfolio?
Your fashion model portfolio should at least five different looks, including the following shots -
  1. Headshot
  2. Full length - fashion or formal
  3. Full length - casual
  4. Editorial (specifically shot for a magazine cover or article)
  5. Interactive (with another model)
  6. Charactert
  7. Beauty/Glamour
  8. Environmental or outdoor
  9. "light-to-none" make-up
  10. Figure(Swimwear/Underwear/Lingerie)
  11. "Mood" (showing a particular emotion / mood)
  12. "Object" (presenting / handling / seen with an item or object)
  13. Other shots to "personalize" the portfolio.

Frequently asked modeling questions